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With a targeted fan base and customers, Ernest Emerson authored 4 publications, enhanced with live seminars and speaking engagements. The Guardian Shepherd is the online platform to cohesively bind his literary works, public speaking engagements, and short essays.

Podcasts, audio files and book signing releases are easily published by existing staff onsite by maneuvering through a user-friendly customized interface using the Word Press platform. Links to purchase the books by direct distribution, or the author’s official page are embedded within each update. The blog is integrated with Facebook tracking pixel automation, Google Analytics and social media tracking insights to precisely reach and engage a very specific audience.

Services Provided

  • Creative Services
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Client-managed platform
  • Blog posting ability
  • Branding Services | Logo Design
  • Audio Podcast integration consulting services
  • Client side management capabilities

* Website currently managed by third party or client.

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